The way to the “white certificates” is not a utopia

The committment and dedication for a long time showed by ROLD in the topics of energy saving and cost containment could open new interesting developments, which would validate the company even more as a measure-culture oriented company. The achievement of such energy certificates would represent an important step forward in this taken path, which has still to be explored in all its potentialities…

Written by Rossella Limosani, marketing assistant of ROLD GROUP SpA


But how many peaple really know the meaning involved in the concept of White Certificates, also known as “Energy Efficiency Certificates” (EEC)? Before starting to navigate this ocean of many colours, we believe that it’s better to provide a clear and precise definition. White certificates are tradable instruments giving proof of the achievement of end-use energy savings through energy efficiency improvement initiatives and projects. They are issued by the Elecriticy Market Operator (GME) for energy savings that have been verified and certified by the Authority. The white certificates scheme was introduced into the Italian legislation by the Ministerial Decrees of 20 July 2004, as subsequently amended and supplemented. Under the scheme, electricity and natural-gas distributors are required to achieve yearly quantitative primary-energy saving targets, expressed in Tonnes of Oil Equivalent (TOE) saved. Each certificate is worth one tonne of oil equivalent (toe) saved. Electricity and gas distributors may fulfil their obligation by implementing energy efficiency projects entitling to white certificates or by buying white certificates from other parties in the Energy Efficiency Certificates Market that is organised by GME. For the purposes of proper certification of the saving achieves and to avoid, in this way, sanctions, distributors have to give every year to Authority a number of energy efficiency certificates equivalent to the mandatory target. So the Authority can evaluate the energy savings obtained by any single interventation, and it allows the GME to issue white certificates.


ROLD, thanks to the creation of intelligent systems of energy management, is showing a growing committment in these contents, demonstrating the will of following this direction with determination and proactivity. The purpose of white certificates, if in the past was sheer utopia, appears today realizable and not so distant. The company has, in fact, the right knowhow and competence that could allow it to move in that challenging but stimulating direction.

The Smart Power System, in fact, planned by ROLD, demonstrates that talking about white certificates is something ingrained corporate values and the approach that the company has already decided to follow. It has been developed, in fact, an innovative and energy management system, accessible to all, and without the need for infrastructural interventation (since the piatform is based on PLC – Power Line Communication) at corporate and commercial offices and homes. By exploiting the common power line for data transmission, the system enables efficient monitoring, not only of energy consumption, but also of the use of any electrical device, thus ensuring optimised, intelligent and dynamic management.

By some meters placed behind the electronic/electrical device and communicating with Smart Power System, it offers real time evaluation of the actual energy expenditure, in terms of watt consumption and costs of machinery, various devices, lighting or entire buildings, factories, warehouses, shops, etc.

Why don’t we have, therefore, to use the Smart Power System to be more efficient in the future and with the aim to create a connession with the white certificates’ system? This appears, in our opinion, a challenge that has to be seized…

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