“Light up yourself!”: Light is at your service…

The energy saving has becomed by now an importnat priority in the plans of cost containment of the companies and not only with the aim of showing its own committment to the enviromental sustainability. Through intelligent lighting systems and managed by devices capable to control their performances, it’s possible to succed in significantly reducing the energy expenditure benefiting a lot in terms of balance sheet. Following the branch of cost containment, ROLD offers to the companies the possibility to have the light “for rent”, paying a monthly fee. Light is served!


Written by Rossella Limosani, marketing assistant of Gruppo ROLD SpA

One of the best solutions to respond to energy saving demands is represented by LED lighting that is able to ensure particularly high efficiency standard and much higher performances than traditional incandescent light sources or neon.  Precisely in order to pursue this objective, ROLD Lighting proposes lamps that use as light source high-efficiency LED that guarantee an energy saving between 50% and 80%.

But if we could have light “for rent” and use it as if it were a service to all effects? It seems useless saying that the advantages would be really a lot…It would open a new scenario to be exploited in all its potentials!

Thank to the financial formula of the operating lease, ROLD let the companies use high-efficiency LED lamps as a real service, simply by paying a monthly fee, in which it’s included anything that is needed in the different phases: from the pre-installation inspection to the scheduled maintenance (annual inspection).

In a period like the current one, where for a company there are a lot of fixed and variable costs, managing the lighting as a turnkey service is really an opportunity not to be missed…

These are the main advantages:

  • No immobilization of capital (the rent is a simple business cost)
  • Total absence of financial exposure (no report to the central risk)
  • No fiscal management of products leased
  • Total deductibility of fee paid
  • No risk of owning the asset (depending on the lessor)
  • Energy saving and cost reduction
  • Return on investment in a short time

Have you ever thought to light as a service?

Have you ever speculated what benefits it could draw?

It’s the moment to go beyond…

“The only limit to our realizations of tomorrow will be our doubts of today”

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