The company was founded twenty years ago from the idea of three brothers – Gabriele, Barbara and Attilio – who decided to use the passion and the artisan experience handed down from their family, to start a new business activity.

Gabriele Marcozzi brings back memories of a world in which eggs had the taste of the holidays, a world connected with the work of the women in the kitchen and the warm emotions that arise from a whole family sat around a dining table.

Gabriele’s desire is to spread around the world a healthy and genuine way of eat, continuing a wise and ancient tradition of his hometown, Campofilone”.


Campofilone is a small medieval town in the Province of Fermo, between the Appennine and the Adriatic Sea.

Pasta tradition of Campofilone started from the 15th century gastronomic popular legends, while the first certain documents which referred to this pasta, also called “angel’s hair” for being very thin, dated the Council of Trent in 1560, where they are mentioned in this way: “so thin that they melts in your mouth”.

In 1700 and 1800, Maccheroncini were mentioned in cookery books of noble families like Stelluti-Scala and Vinci Counts. The poet Giacomo Leopardi quoted Campofilone pasta among his favorite food.

In the first Italian food guide made by The Touring Club Italiano, in 1931, Maccheroncini were mentioned like a typical products of the small city in the Ascoli Piceno district, documenting the existence of a strong link between the local culinary specialty and their country of origin.

An unmissable event for foodies is the Maccheroncini di Campofilone PGI food festival, one of the oldest in Italy, that takes place every year since 1964.

The festival lasts 4 days and recall more than 20.000 people. A combination of musical events and food specialties. From this charming medieval village it could be seen a beautiful landscape, stretching from the beaches up to the central Apennines.

In a context like this, Marcozzi company has evolved to become one of the biggest company in the area. The most important market is Italy, where dried egg pasta consumptions are higher than other nations. At the same time the company is boosting its market shares in foreign country like USA and Germany.

It is no wonder Marcozzi has attended the Biofach exhibition in Nuremberg for the third year in a row, one of the most prestigious event in Europe for organic products, achieving a great success. Marcozzi is specialized in the production of dried egg pasta.

Recently with the same attention, passion and care of the details , wishing to satisfy the growing request of the customers always more careful to a natural and healthy diet, the company has launched the following product lines:

  • Fermanette, certified Organic, Vegan ok and 100% Made in Italy guaranteed. This line includes spelt, oats and barley specialties;
  • Vivien Pro Salus: rich of functional foods that satisfy the basic needs, have also specific beneficial properties for the health;
  • Marcozzi Di Campofilone Organic; for the production of this delicious pasta we use only the best organic ingredients, durum wheat semolina and eggs from not-intensive farms.

The last certification obtained by the company is the Vegan Ok. This one together with the organic certification for the production of egg noodles, Spelt wholemeal 100%, barley, oats and rye pasta, has allowed the company to increase its shares on foreign market and also differentiate itself from the competitors.

Other certifications that have increased company competitiveness are the BRC and IFS, whom allowed to meet the standards of Large Scale Distribution.

In fact, we are proud to produce Private Label products for some of the biggest retail chain of the world like Kroger, Coop Italy, Auchan, Simply, Lidl and many others.

“Use past experience to be a step into the future!”

We would have never arrived where we are if we had not maintained a strong link with the tradition and the territory of Campofilone.

Regarding the production process we only use the best durum wheat semolina and fresh eggs from not-intensive farms.

Marcozzi is one of the few companies able to laminate under 0,25 mm, in this way the pastry sheet obtained is even more soft and tasty.

A very important aspect for the entrepreneur regards the preference for the high skilled human capital instead of the machinery. Productivity, in fact, is never pushed to the detriment of quality. According to the ancient tradition at Marcozzi the disposal of the pasta is still handmade, by the most skilled staff members. Pasta is spread on sheets of paper using a knife, we don’t produce in nest. This task is done by the most skilled staff member.

Marcozzi Gabriele would like to give his contribute to the development of world market of egg pasta, interpreting it only in terms of quality. From farm to fork, thanks to the merger of the best ingredients, technological knowledge and the ancient pasta tradition of Campofilone.

Our company is the evidence that excellent results can be obtained with the union between the genuine and authentic past traditions, with high quality standards.

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