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Quality Journal will be on start up throughout 2016
We are looking for Partners all around Europe

  • Quality is the most used word in advertising because it inspires confidence.
  • The magazine website includes a search engine that allows, through articles published, to easily find Goods and Services of Certified Companies
  • When local offices will be opened in all countries, it will be easier to find in Europe products or services of Certified Companies.
  • English is the main language, but it will be possible to publish also in French, German, Spanish and Russian.
  • News from all countries will be listed also by category or it will be possible to read just the news coming from a single country.
  • All news we publish on Quality Journal are not simply business presentations but very accurate and detailed articles
  • A similar project exists in Italy since several years. Its name is Quality Magazine and we cooperate with it.
  • If you need a translation center, our Kiev office is available at very competitive prices.

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